Rainbow Living will be on Songs of Praise on Sunday 31 March!

We are VERY excited to announce that Rainbow Living will be featured on BBC Songs of Praise on Mothering Sunday, the 31st March!

We were thrilled to welcome the crew to our Exeter Rainbow House and there was much enjoyment and enthusiasm from our tenants (and some of our Trustees!) during the filming. 

It's not often a small charity like Rainbow Living gets the opportunity to feature on national TV and we're very grateful to everyone who made this happen - thanks to the film crew who were just wonderful, to our fantastic Trustees and volunteers who helped on the day, and of course a huge thank you to our tenants and their friends who were absolute stars.

We hope you enjoy having the opportunity to see how our Rainbow Houses enable our tenants to live as independently as possible with the right care and support in their own home. We continue to work towards making our fourth Rainbow House a reality - you can find out more about the project here and you can make a donation here

Thank you for watching - we hope you enjoy the programme!



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