Rainbow Living is a Charitable Trust based in Exeter, providing accommodation for adults with learning and other disabilities in locations across Devon.

Many adults with a learning disability live in the family home; they don't have the same opportunities as other people to gain independence, learn key skills and make choices about their own lives. Rainbow Living believes that disability is not inability and the charity empowers people with disability to exercise choice in their own lives, including the right to choose where and with whom they live.

Rainbow Living gives adults with disability the opportunity to live independently with support in quality accommodation, where they are encouraged to develop skills and fulfil their potential. We are committed to supporting adults with learning disability to progress into adulthood in the same way as their peers, making a home of their own outside of the parental home.

Rainbow Living prides itself on being a responsible landlord and providing high quality, affordable and specially adapted accommodation for adults with learning difficulties. We aim to make sure that our Rainbow tenants – and their families – have the certainty that they have a place to live for as long as they wish; for many, Rainbow Living provides a crucial first step for moving out of the family home.

Our Rainbow Houses give our tenants the chance to learn life skills – such as cooking, cleaning, finances, shopping – in their own home, which can help a young person with disabilities to get a sense of how to manage life, to gain new skills and to grow in confidence in participating in their local community, enriching their own lives and the lives of those they come into contact with, creating more inclusive societies.

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