Rainbow Living is run by a group of Directors, some of whom are parents and relatives of young adults with learning and other disabilities.

Our Directors come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a wide range of experience; they work alongside a team of loyal volunteers, and together contribute their skills, time and energies to fundraising and to running Rainbow Living.










Jan Pinniger, Director and Chair of Rainbow Living: Jan has a background in education as a teacher and in counselling of children and young people. She has a heart for those with learning disabilities. Jan leads on organisational development.

Jerry Chew, Director and Secretary of Rainbow Living: Jerry has a background in insurance and governance in care provision. Jerry leads on charity insurance matters, rent and housing benefits.

Ruth Airdrie, MBE, Director and Treasurer of Rainbow Living: Ruth is a pharmacist by profession with a background of working in the NHS as a senior manager. Ruth leads on finance and fundraising. 

Chris Eggins, Director: Chris has a background in the police service and monitoring of heavy vehicle safety standards. Chris's expertise lays in policy development and he is the charity's Data Controller.

Dave Hopton, Director: Dave works in financial technology and brings his experience to help Rainbow Living to grow its network of supporters. Dave leads on the charity's Digital Strategy and also supports in the acquisition and development of properties.

Clive Hughes, Director: Clive works as part of the Leadership Team at Belmont Chapel and supports the charity in building sustainable growth and tenancies. 

Tracey Rockey, Director: Tracey has a background in working with children with additional needs in the education sector. Tracey is keen to support Rainbow Living to develop the 'Living' aspect of the charity's vision; she is also the author of the book about Rainbow Living - A Journey Begins