Our Board Members work with Rainbow Living's Directors to run the charity. Our Board members are: 

Tony Pinniger: Tony is an electrician with his own business; he leads in maintenance and electrical matters for the charity.

John Airdrie: John has a background as a building surveyor and project manager with extensive knowledge and experience with buildings and architecture. John leads on development of buildings in new projects and in maintenance of existing properties.

Karol Chew: Karol has a background as an occupational therapist and leading and coordinating the pastoral care in a large city church. Karol supports all aspects of fundraising and leads speaking to groups about our work.

Bryony Eggins: Bryony has a background in preschool education and support; she is an active member of the table top team and supports all fundraising activities.

Wendy Beatty: Wendy's background is a class room assistant to children with special needs. Wendy leads on the sale of goods on Gum Tree and in the table top sales.

Vernon Beatty: Vernon's background is lift engineering; he is actively involved in local fundraising.

Peter Cantrill: Peter is a local businessman in horticulture with vast expertise in plants.

Ruth Hathaway: Ruth leads on local fundraising for the charity.

Steve Lee: Steve works in the technology sector and supports Rainbow Living in particular with website and technological developments.

Katy Lee: Katy has an insurance underwriting background and is a member of the charity and community team at work. She generally helps out as required and is an expert hander outerer of Easter eggs!

Janet Raeburn: Janet has a background in public relations, delivering online and offline communications campaigns; she leads on Marketing & PR for the charity, in particular social media and the website. Janet is also the charity's Data Processor.